letter from Brian Pead to MP, Sir Henry Bellingham re “What actions are you undertaking?”

Dear Sir Henry,

Thank you for your email. I will respond in due course to the points you raised in it.

In the meantime, please be aware of the following:

1. Under the rule of Law, I have legally reverted to my birth name of Brian Pead. Please ensure that you now address all forms of communication to that name.

2. The Probation Service fail to see your letter to Tony Martin in which you stated “I am quite convinced that Brian Pead is the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice” as providing any concern whatsoever for them to challenge my conviction in court, or challenge the Restraining Order which the world now knows has no legal merit since neither my daughter nor granddaughter (or any other family member) gave evidence against me in court, made a statement against me or complained to the Police about me. The operative in question is Sarah Wallis and it is evident that she lacks the requisite mental capacity to make informed judgments of this nature.

3. Ms Wallis insists that if I make ANY form of contact with my daughter and/or her children through a third party, she will recall me to prison. Such is the nature of the ‘justice system’ that Mr Cameron seeks to reform. Ms Wallis’s comments make a mockery not only of your suggestions but also Mr Gove’s and Mr Cameron’s (and others) claims that the prisons are full to capacity and that prison numbers need to fall. Perhaps you could write a strongly-worded letter to Ms Wallis and her line manager to inform them that they are interfering with the natural course of justice.

4. Today at 09:30 I called in at the Probation Office as arranged. Ms Wallis was rude and refused to engage in a meaningful, adult conversation and she insisted that I attend Spire View (the home, as you know, of Robert and Violet Ecclestone) at 13:00 so that she and the police can look around their home. However, the Ecclestones informed the Probation Service last Friday that they would NOT permit a visit until such times as they have been provided with the full chapter and verse of ALL of my convictions, the law under which these convictions were allegedly achieved and particularly what sexual acts I am supposed to have committed. Ms Wallis provided only two alleged convictions and no supporting documentation. As you will surely understand, the Ecclestones have a number of fears around their own safety from me (notwithstanding the Police and the Probation Service) because – for all they know – I may have convictions for sexual crimes against old ladies (Violet is 93) or against men (Robert is 64). It is only reasonable for them to ask the Public Protection Unit to supply this information. They also – quite reasonably – asked Probation to supply a copy of the witness impact statement in all of my cases, together with Certificates of Conviction. No documentation has been provided to the Ecclestones which is not only unhelpful, but could potentially place the Ecclestones at risk. This is not at all acceptable, as I feel sure you will agree.

5. I informed Ms Wallis today that her manner when interacting with me was wholly defensive and not conducive to positive working relationships and that she was clearly “setting me up to fail”, because she is fully aware that the Ecclestones have refused a visit until such times as they have been provided with the necessary information and also photocopies of the ID of the people attending (after all, they could be anybody – it is in the public domain that the police often use the names of dead children, for example.) Ms Wallis has set it up so that I am the villain in not allowing her or the police to attend Spire View when the responsibility lies with themselves. (Shades of Hillsborough – let’s deny our own wrongdoing and blame the innocent party).

6. Michael Mansfield letter – please forward a copy of your letter to him for my records.

7. I note your comments that he might be busy but I’m afraid that I find that to be something of a hollow excuse – he has known about my case since 2013 when I handed in a copy of from Hillsborough to Lambeth to his office and obtained a receipt. It seems to the reasonable person that this is yet another delay built into the system to buy more time so that those guilty of crimes against me and my family can be moved elsewhere, retired off or die – as occurred with Hillsborough.

8. I purchased two tickets to a seminar to be given by Mr Mansfield – this event (next Saturday – 04 June 2016) was mysteriously cancelled yesterday AFTER the Ecclestones’ letter was received by Probation. You might see this as mere coincidence – would “the man on the Clapham omnibus” draw the same conclusions I wonder?

9. In respect of my daughter and reunification with my family members, since I was ‘found guilty’ in a court, it is only right that a court revokes the Restraining Order (assuming, of course, that this new court acts under the rule of law and not the rule of the Home Office) . Under the rule of law, this would be achieved by my daughter attending a court hearing and explaining that she had never made a complaint to the police against me, never made a witness statement against me and never attended court against me and therefore I could not possibly be guilty of their harassment and therefore the Restraining Order was issued in error and being issued in error it has no legal merit and should be revoked with immediate effect and then Probation will have no need to ‘monitor’ me. It really is quite simple: it is the Home Office which is making this whole procedure unnecessarily complicated.
Furthermore, Mr Martin and others have suggested that since you are convinced that I have been the victim of a number of miscarriages of Justice, it ought to fall to you to invite my daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, nephews, and some friends and former colleagues to King’s Lynn – or to your office in Parliament – so that you can tell them why you are convinced. A meeting in Parliament would provide the necessary gravitas I believe. And you’d be able to achieve a wealth of positive publicity along the lines of “First Tony Martin, now Brian Pead – MP fights for Justice for his constituents” – this is the stuff of PR dreams! And with Mr Mansfield effectively just a stone’s throw from Parliament, the photo opportunities are enormous! But you’ll know all this.

10. Tony Martin thanks you for your letter and will be replying in due course. In the meantime, he has said that it is all very well you writing to him and saying that I am the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice, but what are you actually DOING to bring all the parties round the table and provide closure once and for all? For the avoidance of doubt there are FOUR miscarriages of justice and two others based on the index offences:

(i) alleged Incitement of a 14 year old female who did not exist at Southwark, 2009
(ii) alleged Harassment of my daughter and grand-daughter, Bexley Magistrates’ Court, 2011
(iii) alleged Criminal damage, King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court, 2013
(iv) alleged breaches of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, (see index [i] above), Norwich Crown Court, May 2014
(v) alleged Impersonating a Barrister, Cambridge Crown Court, May 2015
(vi) alleged breaches of a Restraining Order, Inner London Crown Court, July 2015 (see index [ii] above)

11. Mr Martin is not the only person who is now asking what precisely you are doing to obtain justice for me. Others I can name – but which are not limited to – include Graham Dean, Christine Morgan, Geoffrey Bacon, Martin Stewart, Philippa Bensley, Timothy Childs, Amanda Fenn, William Terry, David Cox, Rosemary Hawes, Richard Hawes, Tom Mulcahy, Catherine Buchanan, Joe Buchanan, Nick Kerr, Judy Kerr, and even DCI Driscoll. You have a copy of the Minutes of my meeting with DCI Driscoll in which he stated that I have been persecuted by Scotland Yard since 2006.

12. For the record, I have made contact with Raymond Stevenson of the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association – he now appears to want to distance himself from me, despite being in receipt of your letter to Tony Martin. This is evidently being driven by the Home Office.

13. I have made contact with Alex Wheatle OBE, author, and he, too, appears to wish to maintain a distance when by all normal standards, he would want to meet.

14. It is evident that the Home Office continues to monitor all forms of my communications and continues to withhold letters and phonecalls meant for me. Without a RIPA Warrant in place, this is illegal. I have written to the Home Secretary asking for a copy of the Warrant under which I have been kept under surveillance since 2006 but she now refuses to reply to me. I would be grateful if you would write to her asking for a copy of the Warrant.

15. Tony Martin is aware of my plans for a farm and since he has a wealth of knowledge to impart to me, he is keen that I get my convictions quashed ASAP, be reunited with my family and receive compensation from the State for its crimes against me so that he can impart his knowledge to me as soon as possible.

16. Off Centre charity, Hackney. As you will be aware from the Information Memorandum I put you in possession of in May 2014 (just a week before my unlawful incarceration in 10 prisons in 12 weeks) I was unlawfully dismissed from Off Centre in June 2008 and the then Director, Nicola Noone, committed perjury at the Southwark trial in 2009. I have made a number of calls to Off Centre in the past fortnight and they are now refusing to reply to me. Please be aware that Off Centre is part-funded by the Met Police and that Meg Hillier (MP for Hackney) stated that she is unable to respond to any questions about my unlawful dismissal from Off Centre but that all requests for information must go through the Home Office. I am in the process of writing to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) to inform them that Off Centre is, in fact, perverting the course of public justice and aiding and abetting a cover-up of child abuse in Lambeth. As you can imagine, this will create a real publicity storm.

17. Tony Martin has asked me to inform you that we have uncovered sufficient new evidence for an Appeal against Conviction and it is our intention to launch an Appeal by 12 June 2016. I have no doubt that he will contact you in respect of this. He is now aware that Elizabeth Truss is his MP.

18. Continued police persecution: I have been stopped by police constables on 4 occasions in the past 8 weeks. They appear to be somewhat amused by their actions. Given that I have seen and heard a lot of bleating from Chief Constable Simon Bailey about the lack of funding at his disposal and the lack of human resources, it is difficult to imagine on what grounds he can justify such deployment of officers under his command and such a waste of public taxes. I would be grateful if you would write to Mr Bailey to make him justify this continued persecution. On two occasions, a PC Jones (possibly the name of a dead child since he refused to show me his warrant card and he was not in full uniform) asked me if I had any underage girls in the back of my car. Since I do not possess such proclivities, the reasonable person can only conclude that Mr Jones was hoping to procure some for himself. Should I be stopped again, I will make a citizen’s arrest upon the person impersonating a police officer, since the role of such officers is clearly defined: that they are only to be involved in apprehending criminals who have committed crimes. I am a law-abiding citizen. Please also note that I have withdrawn my consent to be policed – as is my fundamental right – and ANY actions by the police against me are, therefore, unlawful. I do not need to be policed. I am quite capable of living a decent life without interference from any agency of State.

19. It is imperative that we meet as soon as possible – could you kindly provide me with three possible dates to meet in June? I am cognisant of the fact that Parliament will go into recess soon and then we would waste the whole of the summer months without meeting. Whilst I am mindful that the Home Office by its actions has shown that it is keen to delay Justice for me and my family, I ask that you nevertheless consider a meeting as soon as possible. I am always happy to meet at the Knights Hill Hotel, since I am aware that this is close to your home. Alternatively, I am happy to meet in the office at your home.

Please note that I continue to reserve all of my rights against HM Government and all agencies of State, together with such organisations as Off centre – I have already informed Off Centre that I am in the process of suing them for wrongful dismissal and Ms Noone’s perjury at my Southwark trial – as well as the rights of my daughter and other family members.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead

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